Investment strategy for early retirement

What is the best investment strategy for early retirement? It seems like half of the information about early retirement is really about investment strategies. Consequently, I can skip most of that! Let me just mention two sources I find important:, meaning “rich together”. A blog about investment and financial independence in Sweden. It is […]

Reduce your consumption

Consumption  In the previous post, we saw that our monthly consumption greatly influences how much we need to save for early retirement. So what are reasonable ways to reduce consumption? Frugality Frugality became something like a trend recently. There is much more information out there than I can cover here. Check this, this, this, or […]


So basic rule number 3 is: Retire at a place you personally like. For me, that is Gotland, at least for now. Pros I will not give you an in-depth description of Gotland here. Wikipedia is much better at that. Let me just say that Gotland is Sweden’s largest island. It lies in the Baltic […]